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Your disk system shouldn't slow down your computer

DefragMyDrives is designed to increase the productivity of disk subsystems by defragmenting files in both internal and external hard disks. The program uses more complex and effective algorithms than standard defragmentation programs.

What exactly does DefragMyDrives do?

- defragments internal hard disks
- defragments external hard disks

Why does your computer need DefragMyDrives?

Over time, files on the hard disk are split up and stored in various locations. You waste a lot of time accessing a file because its separate parts have to be found and brought together. Defragmentation does this in advance, so you don't waste your systems’ resources later on. The operating system uses an enormous number of files, so this procedure will considerably increase the speed of your computer.

2.5 Mb, version 7.0
for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
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Why is this important?
Increases PC Performance - Regular hard disk defragmentation can help keep your system at the peak of its performance. Increases System Stability - Regular hard disk defragmentation can reduce the number of system crashes and make your system more stable.

2.5 Mb, version 7.0
for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
Special offer -
don't miss out!
"Fragmented files can have a considerable effect on the speed of your computer" - Microsoft
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