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OEM program.

Our OEM division offers custom software solutions for a variety of market segments, including the PC, hard disk, optical storage, DVD drive and burner, video card, digital video and photo camera and other industries. With our software in the box, your customers can make their computers more stable and more responsive. SmartTweak Software can help improve your product and your customers' overall experience.

The SmartTweak Software OEM program gives your company:

  Delivery of the complete solution, not just hardware alone
  Real money savings on your support and service costs
  Significant value add and a competitive advantage
  An additional service for your customers
  Professional technical support from SmartTweak Software

Partnering with SmartTweak Software means a real value add and savings for your company!

Choose SmartTweak Software to increase your sales, market share, brand recognition, and save on your company’s service expenses.

For further information concerning the SmartTweak Software OEM Program, please contact us.

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